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Recycling Program

The Recycling Program is bi-weekly with the scheduled pickup for recycling every other week on the same day as your garbage pickup. Since this service is bi-weekly, each resident will receive a calendar (also available on this page) identifying the days of each month that your commodities will be collected. Holidays that fall on a scheduled pickup day will be changed to Monday or Friday. The Public Works Department has recycling toters availabe for purchase. The recyclable materials need not be separated. Simply rinse them and place them in an authorized receptacle. Please DO NOT use plastic bags. If you would like to bag your recyclables, please use paper bags like you get at the grocery store. If your scheduled pickup was missed for any reason, you may click here or call 513.831.3712 to make a pickup request.

For online Service Request, click here

What's Recyclable?

  • Paper and Cardboard
    Newspaper, mixed paper, office paper, magazines, milk cartons, cereal boxes, junk mail and cardboard are acceptable. Pizza Boxes and Bakery Boxes with grease or food residue are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
    Boxes must be empty and broken down. Large quantaties of boxes will require a special pickup by calling 831-3712.
  • Glass
    All GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS are accepted. No pesticide or herbicide containers, window glass, light bulbs, mirrors or ceramics.
  • Plastic
    All small mouth plastic bottles and jars with a #1 thru #7 or a recycling symbol on the bottom. To be considered a plasic bottle or jug, the top/mouth must be smaller than the bottom. Please, no plastic containers such as butter tubs, microwave trays, salad trays, yogurt cups, car oil or pesticide bottles, Styrofoam or plastic bags (even if they are labeled with #1 - #7)..


  • Aluminum Beverage & and Steel Food Cans
    Soda, pop, beer, steel food or soup cans are acceptable. Be sure to remove labels and properly rinse.

Recycle Right Information Flyer

If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at 831-3712.

Mixed Paper and Corrugated Cardboard

Mmixed paper and cardboard will be collected on your scheduled recycling days along with the other recyclables. BOXES MUST BE EMPTY AND BROKEN DOWN.Large quantaties of boxes will require a special pickup by calling 831-3712.

Recycling Toters are available for purchase

The Village of Indian Hill has purchased toters (large, two-wheeled storage containers with a lid) in bulk and they available to residents at cost. The recycling-only toters are covered to reduce odor and may be left outside.


  • 65 gallon (24'w x 24"d x 44"h) $60.00
  • 95 gallon (30'w x 30"d x 48"h) $68.00

If you are interested in purchasing a recycling toter please call 831-3712.


More Information

Bi-Weekly Recycling
Pick Up Schedule

Select street name below.

2018 Holiday Schedule
Monday holidays do not effect the waste and recycling collection schedule.

The following list is the holiday schedule:

  • Friday, March 30
    Collection is rescheduled for Monday, April 2
  • Wednesday, July 4
    Collection is rescheduled for Monday, July 2
  • Thursday, November 22
    Collection is rescheduled for Monday, November 19
  • Friday, November 23
    Collection is rescheduled for Monday, November 26
  • Tuesday, December 25
    Collection is rescheduled for Monday, December 24